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Our latest tool
Woodchuck Unitool

patent pending

patent pending

This is the answer many have waited for, Why have a separate tool for round cleanup inserts and a different tool for your roughing tool
just a simple insert change and you go from Roughing tool to Finishing tool.
the tool comes fully equipped with 4 inserts, 1 each of our super sharp 15-Sq. and a 15-R4 and of course our go too insert the 15-R2 Plus our new R18, which is an 18mm round insert just perfect for bowl cleanup


With 17 inch Hickory Handle $132.00

Less Handle $120.00

Shipping with handle $12.00 with out $9.50

International shipping

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And still our favorite tool ranked by many pen turners as the go to tool
our Woodchuck Pen Pro

Patent Pending

Made from durable 304 grade Stainless Steel this tool is available specially designed for pen turning, at a comfortable 4 inch tool body length and a 2 inch tang, this Lil Chucky will accept your choice of 2 different inserts, it will take  the standard 15x15x2.5 mm with a 4 inch radius or the great new 15x15x2.5mm with a 2 inch radius for smoother contouring

This wild beast devours Wood, Aluminum, copper, Brass, and reprocessed stone, even real alabaster.
The tool comes supplied with a 15mm-r4 and a 15mm-r2 solid Micrograin Carbide insert.

Plus shipping

$9.50 shipping in U.S.
 International available

Handles for the Pen Pro


8 inch Hickory  10.50 or Sapele 13.50



And our

Woodchuck Bowl Pro

Patent Pending

 A bowl turning beast with an 8 inch body length and a 2 by 1/2 inch diameter tang standard , as above made from 304 Stainless Steel and shipped with 2 inserts, a 15mm r-4 and a 15mm r-2 Carbide inserts
an extra screw and a wrench

$86.00 with 17 inch Shiloh Hickory Handle
Plus shipping
$12.00 shipping in U.S.

Shipped with tool un-mounted, you will need to Epoxy the tool into the handle which is pre drilled to fit.


$75.00 with out handle
plus shipping

Custom lengths available up to 36 inches with modified tangs to fit several heavy duty steel or aluminum handles.
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Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Special sale price

 complete with Hickory Handle

plus shipping






Available in either a 4 inch long tool with 2 inch tang
or in an 8 inch long tool with a 2 inch tang


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